Cuhk has won two national science

S mo tree kam (fourth from right) and the guangdong people’s hospital professor Wu Yilong team of (in) and so on, by the “lung cancer molecular target accurate treatment model establishment and application of” was awarded the second prize of national science and technology progress. Cuhk for figure

Hong Kong daily news (reporter Gao Yu) 2017 annual national science and technology awards conference recently held in Beijing great hall of the people, the Chinese university has participated in the “lung

cancer molecular target model establishment and application of precise treatment” and “prevention of ischemic cerebral apoplexy’s new strategy and new technology and application” project was awarded the

second prize of national science and technology progress.

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The anti-cancer mechanism is expected to be “no longer fatal”

Cuhk medical school of the department of tumor, the mo tree brocade and guangdong province people’s hospital professor Wu Yilong team main force composed of lung cancer research, especially for the

epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) gene variants of lung adenocarcinoma, eventually created the “target treatment” mode, extend survival period from 10 months to 22 months.

Team also found that EGFR on formation of secondary gene mutation and resistant mechanism of carcinogenic factor can cause cancer, according to a new gene mutation and resistance of patients, the team

found a new accurate treatment plan can be no worse survival time effectively extend more than doubled. The research findings are included in the guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer

in China and around the world. It is expected that future lung cancer will not be a fatal disease, but a chronic disease that can be treated with drugs.

From getting correct license, management of pharmaceutical warehousing Asia to refrigeration and digital monitoring details.

Department of internal medicine and drug treatment, school of medicine, cuhk, honorary clinical professor wong ka sing Lawrence, in conjunction with the Chinese people’s liberation army third military

medical university and chongqing medical university team composed of experts such as in the study on the prevention and treatment of stroke. Wong ka sing Lawrence, according to research in prince of wales

hospital confirmed cerebrovascular narrowing Chinese is a main cause of stroke, and adopts dual antiplatelet therapy, and horse spirit alone is more effective to reduce “transient ischemic” problem of

microemboli and mild stroke patients.

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Two new methods improve stroke symptoms.

In recent years, wong ka sing Lawrence team also found that “law” ecp can improve cerebral blood supply in patients with stroke, while “brain magnetic shock treatment” by reconnecting the damage to the

brain and body channel, ability to help patients recovery activities. Wong said he hoped the new approach would bring light to people suffering from stroke.

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From pursuing form enrichment to dedication to curriculum integration

According to the criteria of the post-modern curriculum, the first characteristic of the curriculum is richness, including content, form and quantity. However, the richness of the light is not enough. The enrichment is meaningful only in the context of association, that is, there is a logical relationship between content and content, form and form, which requires organic integration between courses,Hep A vaccines Study demonstrates safety and immunogenicity of live-attenuated and inactivated formulations.

For vocational education, it is necessary to cultivate laborers with special abilities and better qualities. Therefore, in the course of curriculum integration, we must always pay attention to ability and quality. The first is related to professional areas and needs to be achieved through a set of core courses. The core curriculum points to capacity development. In the form, it must be a unity of one’s teaching and learning, and the integration should be to link the theoretical and practical courses that were originally in a separated state, to open the boundaries between different courses, and to reduce the categories of courses. Quantity. The second is the literacy class that points to the cultivation of professionalism. It is difficult for such courses to be realized through explicit teaching based on the teaching materials and the classroom. Its inevitable carrier is activity. Therefore, vocational schools need to use hidden lessons to integrate it into education and teaching. And in management activities, through the pursuit of the cultural level, it is dispersed throughout the educational space and time, so that it does not affect learners at all times,As one of the top unversities in Hong Kong, hong kong universities is committed to facilitating students’ all-round development as well as supporting their professional competence and academic excellence.

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